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This is small selection of photos available.
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NA 44

NA44 Photo NA44 experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-9006191

NA 45

NA 45 Photo NA45 experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-0001012

NA 49

NA 49 photo The NA49 experiment with the spokespeople Reinhard Stock (sitting) and Peter Seyboth.
Ref.: CERN-EX-0001017
NA 49 event The little bang of a Lead-Lead collision as seen in NA49
Ref.: CERN-EX-9600007

NA 50

NA 50 photo NA50 quark-gluon matter experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-9703015

NA 52

NA 52 photo NA52 experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-0002002

NA 57

NA 57 photo NA57 experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-9709026
NA 57/WA97 evemt Reconstructed tracks in the WA97 silicon telescope in a no-field event
Ref.: CERN-EX-9512018

WA 98

WA 98 photo WA98 experiment
Ref.: CERN-EX-9411004

Image de titre

Title Image Snapshot of two colliding lead ions just after impact (simulation)
Ref: CERN-EX-0002010


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